Mahabubabad MLA Shankar Naik took the challenge of green India Challenge from the district collector and planting saplings here. Naik congratulated the idea of MP Santosh kumar and said that it goes a long way in helping the environment.

Naik said that during the ages of Ramayana and Mahabharata the people lived for hundred of the year together as they lived under the roof of greenery and good environment.

He said that a good environment will pave the way for good health and that will increase the life span of the people. But now the environment is becoming warm as the forest is depleting and there is no proper greenery in the villages. The pollution, on the other hand, is going up due to various reasons.

The only way to save the environment for good health is to plant saplings and an increase in the green cover across the state he suggested. He complimented Santosh Kumar for taking up the green India challenge.