The municipal Department rose to the occasion and has done yeoman service since the lockdown began in the third week of March 2020. The sanitation, entomology, disaster relief and water supply staff worked on 24/7 basis, often putting themselves on risk to ensure that basic civic services are maintained uninterrupted. In addition, free food was arranged for 1.25 lakhs /day during lunch and 0.75 lakhs/day people for dinner from March 25th onwards until date. A total of 284 on-site camps were maintained at construction sites for all the migrant workers all this while and it’s in fact the state govt which arranged for travel to their native places.

Converting adversity such as Covid19 lockdown into an opportunity, we, in an out of box thinking, undertook road and flyover works in a mission mode, utilising the lockdown time and the fact there was little or no traffic during this meanwhile. Works worth almost Rs 2000 crs were carried out during this 60 days lockdown period and we could complete the foundation of all flyovers, could lay 300 kms of BT surfacing and about 30 kms of VDCC roads and a total of 27 stretches covering 44 kms were taken up under missing link roads. This has earned widespread appreciation and works which would have required 6 months could be completed in this lockdown period.

An Urban Centre of Excellence will be set up during 2020-21

A comprehensive waste management policy is under consideration covering all types of urban waste and will be applicable in all cities including Hyderabad soon;

A self-certification online based time-bound building and layout approval system called TSBPASS (Telangana State Building Permission Approval and Self-certification System), on the lines of TSIPASS is under testing and will be launched after its approved by the Cabinet;