Serious allegations against Harish Rao

harish rao

Merugu Raju the BJP leader accused that the finance minister Harish Rao met Union Home Minister Amit Shah to topple CM KCR and take over the governance of Telangana.

Raju said that he will come up with all the evidence on the plans of Harish Rao to topple the KCR Government. He alleged that Harish in fact was waiting for an opportunity to become the Chief Minister.

These allegations are viral on social media. Harish Rao is yet to react to the allegations. But all this happened three years ago Raju claimed. But the political observers are of the opinion that the BJP is playing these games to create a rift between the family members in the TRS.

The MLAs who are with Harish and some of them who were with Etela never wanted KTR to be the CM Raju stated. That was the reason KTR could not get the Gaddi he opined.

The news is being discussed in the political circles. Raju also explained that it was Etela who stood by KCR and stalled the proceedings of Harish Rao.

The news has already reached Harish Rao and he is supposed to talk about this. Some of them have suggested Harish to ignore Raju and his cheap allegations.

But there is widespread talk that two TRS leaders are in touch with the BJP at a higher level.