srirama navami

The celestial wedding of Rama and Seeta is being done under lockdown imposed by the Central Government. For the first time, the Sreerama Navami is being celebrated in Bhadrachalam without any pilgrims.

The celestial wedding would be done by purohits as usual at Bhadadri but the pilgrims are not allowed. They were advised by the Minister for Endowments Indrakaran Reddy not to attend to avoid big congregations due to Corona.

earlier it was a tradition that the Chief Ministers would attend the Kalyanam with Talambralu made of pears and also offer a silk vastram to Lord Rama here.

It is very popular across the world and this time people were advised to watch the Kalyanma on TV screens. It is live on the TC Channels. All the temples in the Telugu states have been closed due to Corona.

The purohits are performing the poojas as per the tradition to the Gods. A yagam is being performed at TTD for the welfare of mankind.