See the development and decide- KCR

kcr kamareddy meeting

There is a lot of improvement need in terms of democracy said K Chandrasekhar Rao. Dont be in a hurry -think before you vote he suggested. He was addressing a meeting her at Kamareddy.

Because of Telangana, we got Kamareddy district he said. You want irrigation water, and we will get more of it in the next two years. You will also get a medical college he assured. There is no confusion he said. Last 50 years there was no power and now we have the full quality power he explained.

The Central electricity authority said that the utilisation of power is more in Telangana he said. Only TS gives free power. All will get enhanced payments he assured. Chandrababu has no other business but to stop projects. I need not tell you more Goverdhan is a good candidate and he will do everything for you KCR assured. 1.5 lakh acres will get irrigated here in future he said.

A large number of ladies attended the meeting.