Secunderabad Main Club History

Established by The British in 1878, The Secunderabad Club is one of the oldest clubs in India. Located on a lush, green, 22 acre campus, the Club’s century old Main Club House, carefully and aesthetically maintained, has been given Heritage status by the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority. Some of the trees growing on campus, are over 100 years old and still proudly play host to a variety of chirping birds, making the club an oasis of calm in the middle of the hustle-bustle of the busy city.

Up until 1947 only British Citizens were allowed to be President, and only a handful of high ranking Hyderabad nobility were offered membership in The Secunderabad Club.

Today, The Club has a 8000 strong membership in all categories of members and over 30,000 potential members. The Membership spans all walks of life, including Military Officers, Bureaucrats, Diplomats, Police Officials, Erstwhile-Royalty, Professionals, Scientists and Businessmen.

The Club boasts of excellent dining, reading, indoor and outdoor sports with its own cricket field and many recreational facilities. It may be the only Members Club to have its own dedicated Sailing Annexe. The Club also offers excellent facilities for organizing social gatherings by its Members.

The Managing Committee of the Club is elected in a true democratic fashion and is committed to continue the fine traditions of our club.

Facilities and Events
The Club has a large number of popular sports facilities including a cricket ground and a swimming pool functioning around the year. It has 5-star accommodation that includes Heritage Suites. It has extremely well-laid out and air conditioned bars, dining halls, banquet halls as well as a number of lawns for large gatherings and parties.

The Club has a large food court that provides a multitude of cuisines ranging from continental to mughal, Chinese to Italian, and of course north and south Indian food.

A colonnade patterned in the Old British style, a specious Ball Room and an Open Air Theater showing movies regularly are some other facilities in the Club.

The Secunderabad Club is probably one of the few Clubs in the world which has its own Sailing Annexe.

A large number of are well patronized Events are held every year, ranging from a Bumper Tambola event which attracts a crowd of around 1000, to the New Year’s Eve Ball or May Queen Ball which can attract a crowd upto about 2500. The Club also allows sponsored and Co-Sponsored theme based months/events regularly.

It is possibly the only Club in India to have its own Printing Press. It also has a Petrol Pump and a dedicated Bank on its campus. *It is affiliated with about 100 top class Clubs in India, USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and South East Asia.