Second thought for KCR

It looks like K Chandrasekhar Rao who thought about a new front against Congress and BJP is having a second thought now. He wants to be very cautious over the said front.

Second thought for KCR

His first interest is the state of Telangana and converting it into a Bangaru Telangana and then he would think about the country.

KCR has already smelt that the central agencies are looking at the state and his leaders with yellow eyes. He made it clear in the legislatures meeting at Telangana Bhavan that there is a chance that the phones of the VIPs from Telangana could be tapped by the central agencies for want of information.

He suggested the leaders be clean and not give a chance to any of the agencies to find fault with him. As far as he is concerned, KCR has challenged anybody to touch him.

He said that his slate was clean and his family has no hanky-panky businesses or things to do.

Second thought for KCR

People know what is KCR and what KCR has got, he proclaimed. Taking all this into consideration we can sum up that KCR has come to a conclusion that we must win the 2019 elections and get a good majority. Then only he would think about the front at the National level.

Some of the leaders in the KCR core team have suggested that the other political parties were looking at the Congress to align with them and fight the elections in future.

Second thought for KCR

So it is clear that parties at the National level who lost the elections in the recent times are thinking about alignment with the Congress to win the next elections and then they might look at the new front formation so on and so forth.
Hence it is right thinking on the part of KCR to think about the state elections first and then bother about the new front.