Sarkar bows to Tamil Sarkar

viajy sarkar

The makers of the Sarkar, the latest movie which has become the subject of controversy in Tamilnadu has agreed to remove the controversial statements and things pertaining to the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. It is a political film which has criticised the parties at the centre and also in the state.

Now there was a move to arrest the director Murugadoss, but he was not in his house. After dharnas and protests by the ruling party in Tamilnadu, the makers of Sarkar have removed some controversial dialogues and scenes from the movie it is reported.The movie which started on an average has started making huge collections after the Government and the police came into the picture. The movie also suggests that hero Vijay might enter the political arena soon.


Hero Mahesh Babu tweeted for Murugdoss and complimented him on the success of the movie. But Sarkar is doing well at the box office and hero Vijay is also getting good political recognition with this film. The Title Sarkar is borrowed from the Amitabh film Sarkar made by RGV. Sarkar means government.