mp santhosh


An orphanage centre in Secunderabad with some kinds was not having groceries since lst 4 days and there was trouble for day to day expenses also.

The information reached the ears of TRS MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar and he immediately arranged them for 4 months groceries apart from donating them Rs 25000 for the regular expenses.

This is not the first time, Santosh has responded to help teh poor students, but several times. He has constructed toilets for the girl’s students. He does a lot of charity in secrecy all.

He never says no to any help for the poor and the needy. All that we need is to approach him. If the need is genuine he will come out of the way and help us in a big way.

He will see that the issues are settled on a permanent basis. He earlier helped te blind students when the rain waters came into the hostel. He is taking up the cause of the environment also in a big way.

The green India challenge has planed crores of saplings thereby reducing the humidity and saving the climate.