It is must see for Sanjay Dutt fans and Ranbir Kapoor fans. The critics who have seen this movie this morning at the 7 am show said that Ranbir has given a performance with par excellence and in some ways, he is far perfect than Aamir khan they said.

The first half of the movie is about drug addiction and then coming out of it. The Sanju proves to the world he, in fact, is not a terrorist but has done some mistakes and corrected himself.

Sanju Movie

The director Hirani has done an excellent job in portraying Sanjay Dutt and he makes us laugh at the way Sanju the character behaves. The report says that the might cross the 600 crore mark at the box office and will run to the packed houses. That is for sure. The trailer has become a super duper hit and people know about Sanju as the biopic of Sanjay Dutt.

Some scenes with Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt are unimaginable and it makes you weep sometimes. The director’s efforts are clearly seen on the screen.

So go and watch the other angles of Munnabhai.