Sanjay Dutt took the girls to a graveyard

Sanjay Dutt

A lot is being talked about Sanjay Dutt and his 308 girlfriends. Yes Baba the Munnabhai MBBS revealed that he, in fact, seduced 308 and more than that. He eloped with them and that was the truth. Sanjay Dutt agreed with everything he did but now when the media and others tried to brand him a terrorist. He said that he was not a terrorist.


Coming back to the girls, he first met them becomes friends and then take them to the graveyard of his mother and would talk to them and convince them emotionally and then earn their sympathy and love. That was his strategy all the time and it seems he has succeeded. But he is a celebrity and rich man that is the other USP where the girls fell for him easily.

There is news that he enjoyed girl on the sets and in between the breaks while he is shooting. Madhuri Dixit was very close to him. But the episode of Madhuri was dropped from the movie Sanju on her personal request as she is married and has children.

it is also a fact that he begged on the roads of USA to meet a friend when he came out of the de-addiction centre.
The movie Sanju has some angles of Dutt which we do not know as yet. The producer and director of Sanju did not take the story so easily. They have done a lot of research and investigation before believing Sanjay Dutt it is reported.

It was very hard for Ranbir to get into the shoes of Sanjay Dutt. First people thought of giving the role to Ranveer, but finally, it came to Ranbir.