Samantha is a hard worker :Murali Mohan


Samantha Akkineni is a hard worker and a super actor said Murali Mohan who is also an actor, producer and a realtor. Murali Mohan stays in one of the Jaya Bheri building at NanakramGuda on the pent house they also have a swimming pool there at the 18 nth floor.

Murali Mohan uses swimming pool at the age of 70 plus. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni are also staying on the same floor as neighbours to Murali Mohan and other family members.

After getting married Samantha and Chaitu wanted to lead a separate life away from Nagarjuna and Amala. First they went to this JayaBheri building and wanted to buy one of the houses adjuscent to Murali Mohan.

Murali Mohan squarely refused to sell the house to Naga Chitanya. But Naga Chaitanya and Samantha liked the house as they have a swimming pool and also Gym on the floor along with lawn apart from Murali Mohan close to them.

Chaitanya made his father Nagajuna to call Murali Mohan and sell them the house on that 18nth floor. They got it and now they are using the swimming pool and also the Gym. That is where Murali Mohan has seen Samantha do all the work at the Gym.

He praised her efforts and work outs that she does at the Gym. Both Murali Mohans and Akkinenis are enjoying the company of each other. They are from cine industry and rich people.