Always known for her bold comments, Samantha took to her Twitter page to give a fitting reply to Radha Ravi’s derogatory remarks against Nayanthara.  Radha Ravi slut shaming Nayanthara at her own movie ‘Kolaiyuthir Kalam’s press meet became a raging topic on social media on Monday and it resulted in a severe backlash from Kollywood celebrities and he also was forced to quit the DMK party as well.

samantha an arch rival of Nayanthara in the South Indian film industry put her full weight behind her on the issue and has posted to Radha Ravi on Twitter this sarcastic message “Sighhh Mr.Radha Ravi the struggle to stay relevant. You’re a sad man and we all feel sorry for you. May your soul or whatever is left of it find peace. We will send you tickets for Nayanthara’s next superhit film .. have some popcorn and take a chill pill.”  Now that’s a super cool way of trolling a misogynist offender.