Salman takes a U-turn, Radhe for Eid


Radhe- Your most wanted Bhai is the tag line. The film is ready for the release, but due to Corona Salman Khan is not able to take the risk. They wanted to release it for Eid. But it was not finalised due to various reasons.

That was old news. Now the new line is that Salman Bhai is releasing the movie for Idd and that is in the theatres. He wants the theatre owners to make money and come out of the red that they were facing since Covid times.

Earlier Zee studios has taken the film for around Rs 250 crore it is reported. Disha Patani is the leading lady opposite Salman Khan. Now that Salman has sold the movie to Zee studios, Zee will release the movie in all forms.

Radhe is the remake of a Korean Film. Salman on the other hand did some charity during the peak time of Corona and was at his Panwel guest house spending time with his girl friend Lulia Vantur.

Salman is at 55 now and yet to get married. The family members are pressurising Salman to get married. But so far he has not taken any decision.

The film is presented by Salman Khan films. Prabhu Deva directed the movie. Earlier wanted was also directed by Prabhu and it was a superduper hit.