Mohammed Salah

After a 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia, the Russians are getting ready to fight against Egypt which is under pressure. Russain players who are happy would agree that they are looking at Mohammed Salah who is claiming to be fit one hundred per cent for Egypt. He has recovered from a severe shoulder injury.

Salah was injured during the match with Uruguay earlier and has now recovered. He is the star striker for Egypt and Russians are looking at him.

Mohammed Salah

Salah scored 44 goals for Liverpool and may start his account today against the hosts Russia. Russians say that it would be very interesting to play against Salah and it becomes somewhat difficult for them. Even if Salah is not there they have to very cautious and win this match some Russian players stated.

Russia will not be having Alan and he is ruled out due to the hamstring problem. The rest of the team is in place and they are craving for a second victory. If they draw with Egypt, Russian will have to play Uruguay and that is not easy.

Russian President Putin watched the match when Russia won against Saudi Arabia and he was a happy man.