Sai Dharam praises Police

sai dharam

The state police are receiving bouquets and also brickbats. While some police are behaving well, some others are behaving in an unruly manner. They are beating the people, even the ladies black and blue without knowing the reasons properly.

After a tiresome day they are chasing away the crowds into the houses by beating them up. A couple who were coming back from the hospital was beaten up by the police in an unhuman manner.

Some police are feeding poor and needy. Some otters are supplying water bottles. So there are two sides of the coin for the police here in Telangana.

But the people are also coming out restlessly and not following the Corona lockdown rules. But Sai Dhara Tej teh film star from the mega family complimented the efforts of the police. He has posted a photo of a cop who is having lunch all alone.

He complimented the police for doing a tireless job in controlling the roads to keep them away from Corona. The DGP, on the other hand, has warned the police and also the people to maintain restraint.

Overall teh situation is under control, but the crowds are not under control. They are venturing out one way or the other. The cases of Corona, on the other hand, are going up.