Sabarimala case to a larger bench


The Sabarimala case has been referred to a larger bench. The issue is about the entry of women into the Sabarimala Temple. While the Government is for the entry of women, the religious organisations and officials of the Temple are against the entry of women into the Temple.

Since ages women were not being allowed into the temple. But in recent times some women entered into the Temple breaking the rules of the Temple.

At the same time, cases are pending on entry of women into the mosques and also the Parsi Temples. Till such time the case is decided by the larger bench, the status quo will be maintained in the temple.

The Bench judges deferred on the judgement. It was in the raion 3: 2 and the matter has been referred to a 7 member bench. Trupti Desai who was contesting the entry into the Temple said that they would continue to go into the Temple.

The morality of the constitution not defined under the constitution says the court.