Saaho is Masala action :movie review

sahoo movie review

The much-awaited movie of darling Prabhas is finally out and that is getting mixed reactions. High octane action scenes mixed with masala scenes is the movie.

The movie has been completed with great difficulty with a high budget of around Rs 300 crore.

The movie has been released in 5 languages. It is a good attempt by Sujith and reminds of some Hollywood action movies. We can proudly say that Indian directors are no less than that of Hollywood.

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Prabha’s the darling has done well and Shraddha also matched with his enthusiasm. Action scenes and background music are assets to the movie. There is no comedy in the movie. The story is about how two police officers that is the leading pair resolve the case.

They finally fall in love and resolve a big theft case. The songs are Ok. UV creations has done a movie which is on par with the Hollywood movie.

The lavish sets and the action scenes depict the budget spent.

Overall the movie is worth watching. Chunkey Pandey has given exceptional performance. Jacky, as usual, is good. Prabhas is very good in action scenes. Shraddha and Prabahs jelled well for the movie.
The movie is no less than Baahubali. Good reviews are coming from all the languages.

Starring: Prabhas- Shraddha Kapoor
Producers: UV Creations
Director: Sujith
Music: Tanishq and Gibran