Only Money speaks at Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam. Even the board members recommendation is also altered by the officials there. Nothing is simple here at TTD.

Discouragement is the name of the game. You go to TTD armed with a Board member letter. They will make you wait for half an hour. The office is in the cellar and the top man is not in the seat at Gumble guest house.

Attender says sir has gone out for a walk and you have to wait. The luggage is not allowed. Others are taking tea and snack and you have to wait outside.

Then they will come out and suggest you to take the room and come back for reserving the VIP break darshan. You register the letter and wait for the message. Daily around 3000 people are getting the Break Darshan.

The board members recommendation is altered to just break darshan and not the VIP darshan suggested. You ask for extra prasadam, they suggest you come back again.

In this way, for one day you have to run from pillar to post for getting the letter done. Letter submission somewhere, getting the room done somewhere, coming back again and again after getting the message to pay for the darshan somewhere in the night.

All these things can really be stationed at one point at least for the recommendation from the board members. Otherwise, it is all chaos and confusion. The last step is going to collect the Laddu.

If you can spend money, then everything comes to your doorstep. Get the recommendation from a top man and be ready to pay some one at the TTD, then things will move. But the free bus service on the TTD is excellent.