Ruckus in Gollapudi at NTR statue


The challenges against Minister Kodela Nani are going up by the day. Devineni Uma has challenged Kodali Nani to come for a discussion here at the NTR Statue in Gollapudi.

As challenged Devineni Uma has come and sat at the NTR statue to meet the challenge with Kodali Nani. The police arrested the former Minister Uma to avoid disturbances here at Gollapudi.

But the YSRC leaders including Nani said that Uma did not pick up the phone call. Both the leaders of TDP and YSRC hurled abuses at each other against the so called challenge.

YSRC leaders opined that they are ready for the challenge at a TV studio or over the dais. The TDP leaders are dragging the name of Nani into media in one form or the other.

Nani was in news for raids on the gambling dens. Nani was indirectly abused and warned by Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. Now Uma targetted him and challenged for a discussion.