Water problem In Chennai.jpeg

Chennai is reeling under a water problem. The groundwater table has gone down and Hyderabad is no different. A water tanker costing Rs 400 has gone up to Rs 9000 in Chennai. It has about 10000 litres of water. Here in Hyderabad, a water tanker which cost Rs 600 is costing around Rs 3000. It all depends on your requirement.

Ever since the groundwater has down drastically, the apartment owners have found out a way to bribe the waterworks department and get the water from the main line with a big and wide pipe into the apartments.

The apartment owners are pooling up a lakh of rupees and then getting a big pipe through the main connection. This is depriving the water to regular domestic users. The apartment people are getting full tank water, while others are getting reduced water.

The sale of water cans for the drinking purpose has also has gone up. It is Rs 25 for a can ranging from 15 to 20 litres of water. But all the cans don’t give you mineral water or purified water. Now selling water cans has become a household business in Chennai and also Hyderabad.

You can get water on a phone call but all the water is not pure. It could be just filled from the tap and delivered to you.With the failed monsoon it is difficult to recharge the groundwater. The bores have gone dry.
The TRS Government under the dynamic leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao the Chief Minister is making alternate plans for recharging the groundwater and also getting water for quenching the thirst of Hyderabad.

KCR has already resolved the issue of irrigation waters in some districts. Not only for Telangana, but KCR is also working for the welfare of Andhra Pradesh in terms of drinking waters. He is sending Godavari waters from Telangana to Srisilam and Nagarjuna Sagar.