Rs 8 crore supari for YS Vivikas murder

CBI has finally collected key evidence in the former MP YS Viveka murder case. He is the brother for former CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy and related to YS Jagan the Present Chief Minister.

It is reported that the culprits killed Viveka by taking a supari for Rs eight crore. Two prominent people have been given this amount according to the CBI trial.

The CBI team was investigating in the Kadapa district for about 45 days in connection with the case. CBI talked to hundreds of people about the issue. Viveka’s house Watchmen Rangiah revealed the key things in relation to the case it is reported.

Two people took the supari for this murder amounting to Rs. 8 crores. Supari Information was given by the watchman in front of the magistrate. Now that testimony is going to become crucial in cracking the case.

It is reported that 5 people are involved in the murder. Two of them are said to be outsiders according to the information given by the Watchman.

It may be recalled that Vivekas daughter has complained to the Court and also the police in connection with the murder of her father in his house. He was axed to death.

She also gave the names of the people whom she doubted in connection with the murder of her father.