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The Government of Telangana is ready with all kinds of measures to contain the Corona Virus in the state. The Central Government has already announced it as a National Emergency.

The Committee under the leadership of CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has decided that people must avoid gatherings and congregations . The schools have been closed while the malls and modes of transport will function.

Rs 500 crore has been sanctioned for immediate use and the Government is ready to spend Rs 10000 crore if need to arrest the situation. Corona isolation wards are getting ready in and around Hyderabad. The scanning is going in Airports and other places.

The Assembly functioning has been cut short. Earlier the Government wanted actually to extend the dates, but because of the Corona, they have reduced it.

KCR suggested the public representatives to instil confidence among the common people and not to create panic unnecessarily. Mosques are getting ready for usage and there will be no shortage.