RRR could be postponed further


As the Covid cases are going up across the country, and the people being warned not to come out of the houses, the Movie RRR which was delayed several times might get delayed for some more time.

There is no official confirmation on this account but, some patchwork is going on for the movie. Now the Telugu states are under Pawan Kalyan Mania for the movie Vakeel Saab.

It will take some time for the people to come out of his Vakeel Saab Hungama. So after that Rajamouli, the director will start the curtain-raiser for RRR.

Meanwhile, NTR is planning to announce his new movie this evening. NTR and Ramcharan have done well for the movie and have complemented each other for the RRR.

A movie called Love Story of Naga Chaitanya has been postponed because of Vakeel Saab. Some other movies like Narappa which is ready for release are waiting for the right time.

The announcement of RRR might also hold back some other movies in the process. There is also a worry that the occupancy of the cinema theatres might get reduced to 50 per cent again.

RRR will reel under losses if it is released with 50 per cent occupancy.