RGV will fail again ..


The Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who has been giving us flops for a long time now announced that he would make Sanju the real story. Rajkumar Hirani did whatever he could do and he left some reality in the movie at the request of people who matter to Sanjay Dutt. Madhuri Dixit was one actor who more than close to Sanjay, but now she is married to the doctor and is leading a peaceful life. They did not want to disturb her.Now what is RGV trying to do in the name of the real story is best known to him. He earlier re-made Sholay and it became a disaster for the industry.

sanjay dutt, rgv

He has been delivering all the duds including his latest with Nagarjuna which ruined the reputation of the Akkineni family. Namrata Dutt has already requested Varma not to do it again as Hirani has done it to the maximum possible. For talking sake the real story so on and so forth is oK. But actually, Varma wants to show is the question. If it is objectionable to Sanjay what will Sjany do is the question. Dealing with Sanjay is not that easy RGV must know that first.

In the name of inspiration so on and so forth Varma and other copycats have done so many movies and got hits also. But all the time it is not possible. Godfather the movie from Hollywood was copied by Mani Ratnam and followed by RGV in the name of inspiration. There was Satya in Tamil, then in Hindi so on and so forth. All the directors from the so-called Varma school are flops these days.Becuase most of them depend on the so-called inspiration that is copying the plots. It is better for Varma to keep quiet rather than rake up an issue with Sanjay Dutt.