Ram Gopal Varma the controversial director was never bothered or afraid of anything. But for the first time, RGV is not in a position to tackle Corona.

He is also bothered about this lockdown. He says it looks like this month has 1000 day instead of the usual 30 days. RGV pointed out that he is unable to pass time on a daily basis.

RGV who daily has a does of blue films is unable to take the lockdown. He is usually busy with shootings also. But now he has nothing to do and not in a position to decide what to do till next month 15nth.

First time he is afraid of the Corona. Not that he gets infected, but he does not know how to keep away from the people and get out of this lockdown is announced by the Prime Minister and Chief Minister.

Let’s hope RGV will find some way or the other to get out of this situation. He must call some writers and hear some stories. That would be better. If not he must write a story on his own.