RGV the popular and controversial director is trying hard to make a hit. He is a hit on twitter but failed miserably at the box office.

He has joined Nagarjuna for Shiva -2 like the picture and the shooting is on. He tried to make a movie of the Legend senior NTR. But the movie Lakshmis NTR is just kept aside for the time being.

RGV is trying hard with Nag

Ram Gopal Varma is trying hard to get back to his wonder days of Rangeela, Sathya and Bhoot, but his third instalment in the “Sarkar” series proved to be a case of diminishing returns as it lacked the depth of its predecessors.

Earlier he announced a movie with about 500 crore budget but no one knows if it is true or false. LPs NTR will be from the other angle and it could affect the prospects of Babu in the near future.

Lets hope RGV will get some success this year.