Ram Madhav

Everything is going in reverse in Andhra Pradesh said Ram Madhav the senior leader from the BJP. The reverse started from Amarvathi, Polavaram, Prohibition, Tirumala lands he explained.

Election commissioner reverse. 60 times the Court has passed strictures against eh AP Government. Now the liquor is flowing in the name of new brands.

The people because reverse against the Government in AP on the TTDlands he said. Every week there is something against the rule of Jaganmohan Reddy he reminded.

This is for the first time that’s a senior leader from the BJP has talked against Jagan rule and this means the days are numbered for Jagan’s Government.

This indicates the mood of Prime Minster Modi towards Jagan and the AP Government. Modi is coming forward with progress mantra, while the YSRC Government is coming in a reverse mantra.

The country is going forward with development Mantra, but Jagan Government is going back in a reversed manner he explained.

The tax revenue has come down since last me year in AP Madhav pointed out.35000 roe will be given to AP even though there s n revenue he said.

This for the welfare o the people of Andhra from the central Government he explained.