srinivas goud

The results are the reflection of our good work in the Municipalaiteis said Minister for Sports Srinivas Goud. Speaking at the TRS officer here today Srinivas Goud said that the Chief Minister KCR and the working President KTR did not visit any areas and they just appealed the public to vote TRS and the results are overwhelming he said.

It is the development that made the public to vote for TRS Srinivas said. The Trends show that TRSis poised to win around 100 Municipalities and that it has already got 20 Municopaliteis so far by 11 AM.

KCR is at TRS Bhavan and he is reviewing the results and talking about the future course of action. The strategy of leaving the election to the local leaders has paid rich dividends.

The leaders have taken it as a prestige issue and in some areas, the TRS has clean swept by taking all the wards. The results are on the expected line and it is, in fact, no surprise for the TRS leaders.

The TRS working president is expected to react to the results afternoon. The celebrations are already going on at the party office here at Banjarahills in Hyderabad.

TRS Party workers have gathered in large numbers complimenting KTR at the office.