There have been a lot of discussion about the haircuts of the rulers. People talked about that haircut of Indira Gandhi with a white streak in the middle.
     Reps of worlds worst haircuts
Then people discussed the haircut of the US President Trump. They said that the hairdressing of the President was done by his daughter.

Then that it was coloured by daughter Ivanka so on and so forth. Some said that it was a wig and some others attributed the hair growth of Trump to medicines that he takes.
      Reps of worlds worst haircuts
Now people and anchors of the TV are talking and discussing the haircut of the Korean ruler who is being called a missile man. It is like a military cut with very less hair on the sides.

Now with the discussion on both Trump and Koreas Kim growing the anchors are talking about the haircuts too.

People are hopeful that the meeting between the missile man from North Korea and the Trump the President of the USA will take place soon and talk about the war will die down.
      Reps of worlds worst haircuts
A popular anchor by name Kimmel said that Trump and Kim are the representatives of the world for the worst haircuts and they are going hit it off soon with their talks.

He was imagining both the leaders Kim and Trump sitting face to face one with full hair and the other with hair shaved on the sides.