Remdesivir injection at Rs 30000 each

Remdesivir injection

While the second dose of the Covid vaccine is in doubt, people are standing in lines for purchasing the Remedesivir injections. For six injections the family members of Covidinfected people have to give around Rs 1.2 lakhs at a time.

The real cost is around Rs 2000 per injection, but it is being sold at Rs 20 to 30 thousand per injection. People who have taken the first dose of Covid injection are not getting the message for the second dose.

The injections are out of stock they say. The people do not know where to take the second dose. Some PHCs have given the first dose of Vaccine without proper infrastructure and they do not know about the second dose.

People who have taken the first dose did not get any message or certificate online. Upperpally PHC centre is one of them. Most of the PHCs do not have any accountability.

Meanwhile, people from three states are coming to Hyderabad for Covid treatment. As we are allowing people from other states, the Covid spread in Hyderabad is more and a faster pace.

This is making the situation very difficult for the people of Hyderabad.