R Subramanyam , Secretary Government of India, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment observed that the greatness of the city will be measured by the way it takes care of its poorest of the poor. He complimented Hyderabad city for taking up 2 BHK and Annapurna schemes in the city which are role models for the rest of the country.

The success of Hyderabad city in successfully implementing these schemes has resulted in the Government of India choosing this city for the pilot project towards comprehensive rescue and rehabilitation of the persons involved in begging.

Ms Radhika Chakravarthy Joint Secretary Government of India said that a strategy was formulated at the national level after discussing with social activists, academicians, NGOs and other stakeholders involved in the rehabilitation of beggars and as a result 1.0 cities across the country, including Hyderabad were identified for the pilot project.

The Principal Secretary Municipal Administration Arvind Kumar assured that the GHMC would cooperate with the government of India and whole heartedly support the programme. The problem of begging is a crucial problem but very often neglected. Thinking it as an eyesore is not the solution.

He urged the various stakeholders present in the workshop to suggest viable economic options to be taken up for uplifting the persons involved in begging. He recalled that in 2005-06 when he was collector of Hyderabad, a survey along with socio economic profile of the persons involved in begging was done.