Ready to resign says KCR

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao today challenged that he was prepared to resign if there were any mistakes in the Governors speech made in the Assembly premises. He was answering to the hungama created by the opposition in the budget session of Assembly. He said he would resign in 5 minutes time if the mistakes were proved in Governors speech.

KCR found fault with the way the opposition behaved in the Assembly. He did not agree with the argument of the BJP leader Kishan Reddy that TRS also heckled the speech of the Governor in the Assembly. KCR said that it was during the stage of Telangana agitation and not for the sake of opposing Governor for nothing.

Ready to resign says KCR

He said that if members cross their limits and heckle the Governor or hold the Assembly to ransom, then there is no other way but to take action on the erring members he said. He compared the power situation with other Governments and said that the TRS was far better in giving quality power. We will not tolerate if the Assembly proceedings are disturbed he clarified. He opined that the Governor should not be heckled or disturbed when he is speaking in the House.

He said that about 10000 employees are due for retirement and the vacancies will be filled at the earliest. The members must see to it that the decorum of the house is protected he said. The opposition must participate in discussion and not run away from the house proceedings he said.

He said that the Government was here to run house for any number of days. As the elections come near the opposition tries to blame the Government in several ways he said. Making allegations is easy, but you have to prove them otherwise there will be no credibility he said.