Vakkantham was a big hit as a writer. He was the one who gave Temper to NTR. He is a good friend of NTR. He gave the kick to Ravi Teja. But after a flop with Allu Aravind, Vakkamtham is lost and no one is coming forward to do a movie with him. But the mass Maharaja believes in Vakkantham as he gave the story for Kick the super duper hit in his career.


Now Vakkantham in trouble, Ravi Teja has decided to do a movie with him and bring him back into the movies. it is reported that a story suggested to a mega hero, is now being offered to Ravi Teja and he readily agreed to do the same. Ravi Teja is a risk taker and he has succeeded with the strategy.

Vakkanmtham was actually having 3 movies while working with Allu Arjun is in trouble now. He, in fact, had the talent but could not execute it for the movie Na pere Surya. He wanted to do a movie with NTR also. But now NTR is busy with Trivikram. Earlier Temper was supposed to be directed by Vakkantahm, later NTR shifted to Puri which a right decision.Some people suggest that it would be better for Vakkantham to stick to Story writing only not get involved in the direction part.