ravi prakash

Ravi Prakash the former CEO of TV 9 is not cooperating with the police for Investigation into the allegations levelled against him. The case is pertaining to the forgery of documents in the purchases of shares and not allowing others to become the directors of the company.

Ravi evaded the arrest for a month and went on moving the courts from one after other. But the Supreme Court also did not agree to give him bail over the matter.

Finally, he was forced to come to the police for further questioning and investigation into the case. Now that he is not cooperating according to the statement issued by the police there is every chance that he could be arrested by this evening.

Ravi has been trying his level best to see that the TV9 organisation remained under him. But he could not succeed under the new management.

Now that he could not take on the new management, there was no other option but to approach the court.

When the court said no to his case he had no other resort and he was forced to come to the police.

Finally, he alleged that the Mafia was controlling the media and the police were controlled by the Real Estate.

There are reports that in the name of Journalism, Ravi Prakash and his associates resorts to blackmailing and extraction of money in various forms. From a small cable firm, he rose to the level of CEO and became a crorepati in a small span of time.