Ramya replaces Mandira Bedi

Popular director Puri Jagannaths son is the hero for his latest film Romantic. The film is all about Romance and love. Here it is reported that the heroes mother is also a beautiful lady.

For that as a producer of the movie Puri has selected Mandira bedi for the role. Of course, Mandira has done a fabulous job for the role, but her emotions were not suiting the Telugu audience.

The dialogues and the acting have gone in two different ways, in the end, it is reported. After seeing the effect in the end, Puri thought that it would be wise to reshoot the episodes of son and mother with a different and right actor for the role.


He had no other option but to request Ramya Krishna for the reshoot in place of Mandira. Ramya has gracefully agreed to act as the Mother of Aakash and now the movie Romantic is complete.

The director and also the producers are happy with the outcome.

First Puri thought that Mandria would have National appeal and it would suit them to dub the movie in Hindi. But the outcome was not good and they have to go for Ramya Krishna the Sivagami to reshoot and complete the movie.

let’s hope the movie Romantic will have all the romance that the audience would expect.