Vijayashanti the lady Amitabh popular as Ramulamma in Telugu states who was in hibernation after quitting the TRS and joined the Congress party for campaigning. But she could not do much for the party and the Congress lost miserably in the elections.

Vijayshanti who was Medak MP with TRS and later with the Congress tried to shift here and there to other political parties but could not succeed.

Now the BJP in Telangana is looking at Ramulamma. The BJP leaders are trying to meet her and get back her into the BJP fold. They are trying to influence Vijayashanti to talk to Amit Shah the BJP president Via a popular Governor who is close to Vijayashanti it is reported.

If the talks succeed she will join the BJP at the right time. Vijayashanti is also looking for an alternative to continue in regular politics it is reported.

The top gun of the BJP Advani also knows Vijayashanthi very well. She played Holi with Advani in Delhi along with Vidyasagar Rao who was the then BJP President and now the Governor of Maharashtra.

The BJP is scouting for leaders from across the political parties in the state. But how long will Vijay Shanti continue with the BJP is a different matter altogether.

People like Parakala Prabhakar, Nagam Janardhan Reddy and others who joined the BJP with all the enthusiasm could not adjust with the leaders here.