Ram Laxman walk out of Balaiahs movie ?


There is a talk that the much hyped movie of Balaiah and Boyapati is in deep trouble. This is because of the differences between Director Boyapati and stunt masters .

It is reported that Stunt Shiva was taken for doing the action scenes with Balaiah. He walked out as he had differences in opinion with the director and hero.

Now they roped in Ram Laxman masters. But they also could not cope up with Boyapati. The result is that they too walked out of the movie. Boyapatis demanding for violent and intense action scenes.

Now they say that Stunt Shiva is back with the movie. They are doing some changes here and there when it comes to the action scenes. But Balaiah is going with the director.

He is not poking his nose into the subject. He is just doing what they say. Now they have removed the so called Aghora act of Balaiah from the movie.

We have to see what more they have to do and when they will release the movie. They have shot the movie extensively in Varanasi the constituency of the Prime Minister Modi.