Ismart Shankar

Like Pokiri, Puri Jagannath has got A certificate from the censor board for his latest movie iSmart Shanker to be released on 18nth. Puri the director and Ram the hero are Mahaa happy that they got the A certificate. Because the films that have been certified as A for Puri were all super duper hits.

Now iSmart Shankar is already creating a buzz in the Tollywood circles. Ram on his part has stated that the movie as A because he is involved in scenes like smoking and drinking which is no good for the kids. But it does not mean that it is completely an adult movie.

The movie has got all the shades in it Ram stated. Ram actually wanted a rough character for him and Puri has given him exactly the same. The entire team which has slogged for about 6 months for the movie are happy that finally, they nailed a hit and Puri has come out of his flop times.

Charmee from Puri connects has already come out of the read and has made some table profit for iSmart Shankar. More than the money they have delivered a hit. That is the talk prevailing in the Tollywood market. Directors like RGV, Puri, VV Vinayak were craving for the hits for the last several years.Now that Puri has come out of the bad period other directors are also happy.