The Raju Peda concept is rehashed as Raju bantu by Trivikram Srinivas. It was a movie of senior NTR and Trivikram cleverly changed it to Raju bantu for the modern times.

The title is Ala Vaikuntapuramu Lo. Raju peda they shift after growing up and here in Ala they are exchanged by the father. Murali Sharma is the father and it is reported that he was not paid in full and was not involved in the celebrations also.

It is learnt that Murali worked for 80 days and he was paid for the 51 days as per the agreement signed. Murali was peeved with the way he has not been paid in full and also not involved in the celebrations and success meets.

We do not know what is the reality of the payment and work, but Aravind is known for reducing the payments for a long time. Now they have earned crores of rupees but Murali was not paid in full is the rumour.

The so-called matala mantrikudu and celluloid tantrikudu is a good rehash master also. But all said and done Trivikram is a good human being in general.

Earlier some novelists have also claimed that the storyline has been taken by Trivikram without their permission.