Rajiv on Dhoni retirement


Rajiv Shukla the former Chairman of the IPL team made comments that Dhoni the cricketer must decide on his retirement on his own. It may be noted that after the world cup Dhoni went into hibernation in the name of rest.

There were widespread rumours that India was out of the World cup as Dhoni could not perform to the level expected. Dhoni was prepared for completing the match in the end by making big hits.

But Dhoni failed this time. The BCCI, on the other hand, did not prefer him this time. Dhoni again is in the news as suggested that Dhoni should make the decision and intentions clear if he wants to play or retire from the cricket.

Earlier some players talked against Dhoni, some others preferred Dhoni for the IPL. But Dhoni is yet to make a comment over his retirement and also the game.

He is just hiding and making the people talk. Some of them say it could be for the endorsements that he is not retiring. Once the contracts are over he might announce his retirement.

Players like Ganguly, Ravi Shastri and MS Prasad wanted Dhoni to go home. His wife Saakshi is also keeping quiet these days. They are seen here and there in some parties.