Rajinis political party from Sankranthi!


Rajinikanthsuper star from Tamilnadu assured his fans and followers that he would start a political party one day. The fans have presssurised Rajinikanth that it is right time to start the politics.

Tamilnadu needs your services and you must rule it said some followers. Right now Rajini has concluded the meeting and a final decision is still pending.

The fans believe that Rajini was convinced to start the political party from Sankranthi which is auspicious. The Assembly polls are 5 months away and if at all Rajini wants to contest he must start the activity now.

The BJP on the other hand has clarified that they have not approached Rajinikanth for any sort of alliance. But it is not that easy for Rajini to enter politics and get the peoples mandate.

But the BJP believes that Rajinis entry into politics will definitely make a difference. He will easily make a dent into other political parties and if there is a wave against the ruling party he will form the Government.

The BJP might support him from the back door to trounce other political parties.