Rajini Peddanna is for his fans only


There is nothing new in Rajinikanth’s Peddanna movie and it is for the people who want to see Rajini in the movie. It is strictly for his fans only. It did not make any impact at the box office.

Some scenes of the movie were shot very well by the cameraman. There was nothing new in the movie and the plot was also very old. The Telugu dubbing has been done well by the singer Mano.

The movies of Rajinikanth have not been making an impact on the audience. He took the right decision by saying no to politics and it looks like he might say goodbye to the movie also in the near future.

The reception from the audience is not that encouraging to the Thalaiwa these days. Dhanush is slowly taking over the position of Rajinikanth. Now that the barriers of language in the film world are erased in the name of Pan India movies there is no importance to stars in the name of regions.