Raja Vikramarka movie review- Just ignore it


Raja Vikramarka is a film with an old story. It is like old wine in a new bottle. Weak conflict coupled with bad direction mars the thriller.

There are no gripping elements to hook audiences to screen.

The narrative is pretty cliched and many a time, the audience might wait to see a different approach from the director but only to get disappointed with the same old treatment.

He took too many cinematic liberties and leaves logic to the last which isn’t acceptable especially in an action thriller.

Raja Vikramarka is just another drama of a happy-go-lucky guy saving all the needy with his spontaneous instincts and muscle that fails to engage.

Karthikeya the hero must choose the right stories before becoming a hero. Except for his RX 100 no other movie after that is good to see.

One can forget Raja Vikramarka. It is better for Kartikeya to understand the story and then agree to do the film.