Raja Reddy the great-grandson of YS Raja Reddy the father of Rajasekhar Reddy is trending on the social media these days. People must be puzzled to find out who is this Raja Reddy. Yes, he is the son of Sharmila the daughter of YSR. Sharmila is married to brother Anil who is an evangelist.

Sharmila named her son as Raja Reddy as Jaganmohan Reddy has two daughters and no sons. He is tall lanky and looks like a film star. He is seen now and then along with Jagan and Sharmila during the family functions and outings.

Social media is full of predictions that Jagan is training Rajareddy for the future. People talk about the similarities between Jagan and his father YSR apart from his grandfather Raja Reddy.

Now people say that the great-grandson of Rajareddy being named after him also has the same qualities. After all, he is the son of YSRs daughter. There is a talk that Rajareddy junior is very much interested in politics. He also walked with her mother when she was on an election tour and when Jagan was in Jail.

It looks like Rajareddy is being trained for the future. There is a long way to go and who knows one of the daughters of Jagan might also be interested in politics.

After completing education, they might also contest and become law makers. Right now Jagan has just started his journey as the Chief Minister of the Andhra Pradesh and he has a long way to go.