Raja Raja Chora movie review: Good talk


Raja Raja Chora is an emotional comedy entertainer laced with decent comedy, some romance and emotional scenes and eventually delivers a good message. When compared to the movies released these days, Raja Raja Chora is a better one.

However, the opening scenes of the film and some of the key scenes in the second half are sloppy and hamper the proceedings to an extent. Hasith Goli is the director and he has given some comedy scenes here and there which are good.

The audience is enjoying the movie on an overall basis.

But Sree Vishnu’s acting, Megha Akash and Sunaina’s screen presence and glamour stand as the special highlights of the movie. On the whole, Raja Raja Chora will be embraced by movie lovers who seek some light-hearted entertainment this weekend.

The collections are Ok and they are bound to rise the next show. The storyline is very good, but the director has not executed the story well. It needs more of an experience to execute this kind of movie.