Rahul will be the next PM says Prashant Kishore


Rahul Gandhi will be the next Prime Minister of India according to the Poll strategist Prashant Kishore.

Some Prominent astrologers from Telugu states also declared in the open that Rahul is going to make a come back and that Modi will not be the next PM of India.

Congress scion Rahul Gandhi will trounce Prime Minister Narendra Modi if Kerala and Tamil Nadu had a chance to elect the Prime Minister directly.

After the second wave of Corona in the country, the image of Modi has taken a severe beating. There is talk that even RSS is also planning to replace Modi with another leader as the PM soon.

As per the done earlier IANS C-Voter opinion poll wave 2, Rahul is leading Modi in the popularity contest in these two key south Indian states.

To a question in the survey, “If you are given a chance to directly elect the Prime Minister of India, whom would you prefer to elect between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi as the PM of India?”, 57.92 per cent in Kerala and 43.46 per cent in Tamil Nadu preferred Rahul over Modi.

Modi was preferred by 36.19 per cent in Kerala and 28.16 per cent in Tamil Nadu lagging Rahul by a wide margin in these two states.

Of the other three states going to the polls, Modi is way ahead with 54.13 per cent in West Bengal, 47.8 per cent in Assam and 45.54 per cent in Puducherry.