Rahul the liar of 2019



Rahul Gandhi the Congress MP has been branded as the biggest liar of the year 2019. Rahul made a statement that the Nation Population register was like taxing the poor.

Union Minister PrakashJavdekar has charged that the Congress leaders were trying to fan instability in the country in the name of NRC, while the people supported the government.

The NPR does not involve any money and that in fact identifies the poor and would extend all welfare schemes. Earlier Rahul Gandhi said that demonetisation was on tax on the people and now he says NPR is also taxing the people.

These are nothing but lies Javdekar condemned. If there was an award for telling lies, Rahul Gandhi would get it for the year 2019.

Rahul Gandhi said that poor people will have to go to the officers and prove themselves. If there was any mistake they have to bribe the officials. In this form, the Government will extract the money from the poor and give to the 15 rich people of the country.

But the Government clarified that the people need not pay anything and that they need not submit any papers to the officers.