Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief is enjoying the holiday for the year-end in Shimla. His sister Priyanka Vadra is building a house in Shila and the work is in progress. Rahul is on a personal and private trip to the place and stopped by a dhaba to have some Maggi to eat and had chai.

The local leaders flocked around the VIPs Rahul and Priyanka. Rahul talked to them and assured them that he would come again to meet them. Priyankas children were also there and they were travelling in the area and enjoying the atmosphere.

Rahul also saw the house of Priyanka which was under construction here.

Rahul took time off from the busy schedule after the three state campaign and victory.

Now he has to gear up for the final battle after winning the semifinal. Now he will go for the final battle which will be in April 2019.