Rahul Gandhi took the swipe at the Prime Minister for his refrain during poll rallies that he would act as a watchman for the country, and cited his “na khaoonga, na khaane doonga” will neither do nor allow anyone to do corruption statement.

The Congress president said the entire country was keen to know the “secret behind his silence” and alleged that it screams out loud where his loyalties were.

Rahul chides at Modi-Maun Modi

“First Lalit (Modi) and then (Vijay) Mallya, now Nirav (Modi) also fled the country. Where is the country’s watchman who claimed ‘na khaoonga, na khaane doonga’ (Will neither do nor allow anyone to do corruption)?

The public is longing to know the reason of ‘saheb’s’ silence.

Rahul chides at Modi-Maun Modi

His silence screams out loud who is he loyal to?” the Congress president asked in a tweet in Hindi.

Rahul dubbed Modi as Maun Modi for maintaining the silence on the bank scams.